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 3-  Research

Combining my roles as a designer and teacher, I have embraced the role of a practitioner-researcher. Through my research, I strive to foster the entrepreneurial mindset in designers, with the aim of transforming their professional roles into reflective and responsible practices. I explore how entrepreneurship, as a pedagogical approach, can provide alternative methods to enhance design education and learning. Entrepreneurial education holds the potential to equip students with a diverse skill set, empowering them to address the social and environmental challenges of the 21st century.




SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships 
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


Grant - Fondation AFDU Québec 
Association des femmes diplômées 
des universités de Québec

Québec, Qc, Canada.

Grant - Frontenac 
Fonds de recherche Nature
et technologies (FRQNT)

Québec, Qc, Canada.


Raiche-Savoie, G. (2021). From Graphic Designer to Agent of Change: Role Transition through the Approach of Entrepreneurial EducationThe Design Journal.  
DOI: 10.1080/14606925.2021.1929683


Raîche-Savoie, G. & Déméné, C. (2022).
La pluralité de la recherche en design : tentative de clarification et de modélisation de la recherche-action, de la recherche-création et de la recherche-projet.
Sciences du Design, 16, 10-29. DOI: 10.3917/sdd.016.0010

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